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6. strident. Meaning: (of a sound) loud and harsh; grating. Synonym: harsh, raucous, rough, grating, rasping, jarring, Antonym: soft, dulcet.

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2021-03-25 Stridency definition is - the quality or state of being strident. Recent Examples on the Web Work on the new relief package was hampered by the stridency of the election campaign, fraught relations among congressional leaders and the absence of the president from negotiations -- particularly in the critical final weeks. — Mike Dorning,, "Trump, Congress Dysfunction Delayed How to use stride in a sentence. What is the meaning of strident? Use strident in a sentence?

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The bugles sound louder and more strident. Pipe band drummers now play on drums with very tight, knitted kevlar heads, designed for maximum tension to create a very crisp and strident sound.

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He is a strident advocate of nuclear power. 5. He was strident and Where have all our strident editorialists and big-mouthed politicians gone?: Not just because she swears a lot, holds strident political views or gossips freely about the pomposity of certain Scottish theatre critics.: It is a voice that veers from strident to enveloping warmth in a sentence, occasionally broken by cut-glass tinkly laughter.: It comes not at the behest of some charismatic 62+2 sentence examples: 1. In reality, taking ownership of benefits and breakthroughs is pitched at a lower and less strident key. 2. The strident ringing startled him again, but this time he turned slowly, gazing at the phone. 3.

Synonym strident in a sentence - Use "strident" in a sentence 1.
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Strident in a sentence

strident, vocals Synonyms: knockabout, high-pitched, strident, vociferous expressions give you a good idea about how to use the word "vocal" in sentences.

The band was working away with a strident brassiness which filled the room with noise.
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Strident in a sentence | strident example sentences. Her voice was high and strident. Engrave the ice with strident noise. The voices were strident and angry. The 'Amens' were as strident but fewer.

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He was strident and dogmatic in giving his opinions. 6. They are Strident definition is - characterized by harsh, insistent, and discordant sound; also : commanding attention by a loud or obtrusive quality 2.

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